Our Telehealth Team

All Lotus clinical team members 

are Experienced Telehealth Providers!

The Lotus clinical team has experience rendering ABA therapy services via telehealth since we were established in 2009.  We are thankful for the extended telehealth coverage that most private insurance carriers have temporarily extended to their beneficiaries in the midst of the global pandemic.  The ability to continue servicing our Lotus children and families using telehealth in a manner that ensures optimal levels of health and safety for all involved is extremely important to us.  Using a HIPAA-compliant web portal, our entire clinical team across Miami and Puerto Rico is proficient in delivering high-quality ABA therapy services via telehealth in a manner that is highly private, caring, individualized, professional and effective.  With over a decade of experience, you can rest assured that every single member of our Lotus ABA therapy team knows how to rock telehealth!


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