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Scholastic Support


Classroom Observation

If your child is displaying difficulties in the school environment, it would be wise for one of our certified professionals to observe the existing natural contingencies while collecting objective behavioral data regarding non-compliance, behavioral outbursts, off-task behavior, motivational variables and other difficulties that serve to impede normative scholastic functioning. 


Teacher Consultation & Training

Following a detailed observation, data collection and analyses, our specialists will go over the results gathered with the teacher, aides and other relevant school personnel.  We will happily work alongside these professionals to bring about desired behavioral changes and to provide adequate training services for implementing behavioral intervention procedures, when necessary.












Behavior Management

If it should be determined that your child needs the accommodation of a one-on-one ABA clinician within the classroom setting to help with classroom behavior management and academic functioning, our professionals would be happy to help.  Services are available in both public and private school settings.


IEP Meetings

Having one of our behavioral professionals attend your child's IEP meeting can mean the difference between your child having either a productive or unproductive school year.  It is of paramount importance that all professionals involved with your child are on the same page, are working toward the same goals, and are implementing the same educational tools, strategies and techniques across environments.  Our behavioral specialists can help delineate an effective IEP by contributing information regarding skill mastery levels, the selection of appropriate targets for acquisition, advocating for needed educational supports and services, general placement concerns and parental support.


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